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Mário Rocha

CEO of Antarte

Mário Rocha was born in Rebordosa, Paredes. He grew up surrounded by wood, as his father had a furniture factory. He wanted to work for himself and, in 1999, together with his wife, he opened Antarte, a company initially geared towards antiques and art. He soon realised that the way forward lay in innovative ranges and modern design, which led to the company enjoying recognition and renown on a national and international level. Despite the awards and accolades, Mário Rocha assures us that his main source of motivation is his customers.
Mário Rocha
How did Antarte come about?
Antarte came into being in 1999. Initially geared towards the sale and restoration of antiques and art, hence the name ‘ANT ARTE’, the company quickly realised that this was not the way to go. Reinventing itself and launching itself on the market with innovative ranges, focusing on a design of straight and simple lines, something new at the time. Using its own designs, it entered the retail market through shopkeepers and started making a name for itself thanks to its unique portfolio of products and services. In 2003 it began a new chapter with the opening of its own stores. Today we are present on the national market, covering the country from north to south, especially in street shops.

In which way are design and innovation important for the brand’s development?
Working at Antarte means always being on the lookout for challenges. It means believing that through innovation and design we can take things further. It means being attentive to trends, to what happens in the world, because every day we are challenged to outdo ourselves so that we can go beyond the expectations of our customers. Quality, Focus, Innovation are the guidelines to which this 100% national brand has been ‘built’.

Do the various awards you have received motivate you?
We have received many awards and distinctions, which we are very proud of. In 2008, the brand was responsible for designing and producing the chair for Pope Benedict XVI, for when he came to visit Portugal, and we were also invited to produce two exclusive chairs for the Art On Shair project. Although they provide extra motivation, our main source of inspiration lies with our customers. They are our focus and our mission is to provide them with the best comfort, quality and design.
«Quality, Focus, Innovation are the guidelines to which this 100% national brand has been ‘built’»
Which are the company’s main markets?
Having achieved our goals within Portugal, we set our sights further afield, taking Portuguese design to international markets. With a great deal of work, dedication and resilience we have entered Spain, South Africa, France, Switzerland, Mozambique, Angola, São Tomé and, more recently, Ghana, Morocco and Ivory Coast. We are also present in Italy, Germany, the USA and Russia, where we have interior design partners, who buy our products.

What are Antarte’s goals for the coming years?
We want to carry on growing, and increase our national market share and consolidate the brand in international markets. We will remain attentive to the foreign market.

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