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Premium mobility in Portugal

Nuno Mendonça

Audi (SIVA / Porsche Holding) General Manager

Nuno Mendonça
History tells us that the Portuguese have been explorers, innovators and, in many cases, trendsetters throughout the ages.
There are many diverse examples, in the most diverse areas, but it is enough to think of our everyday experiences to give us two excellent examples of how innovative we are, both in the creation and adoption of new products: 1) we have an ATM network that is among the most secure and reliable in the world and we wouldn’t be able to imagine our lives without the possibility, at any moment, of being able to go to a cash machine to withdraw money; 2) in terms of mobility, when we travel around the country, few of us think of stopping at toll gates to pay. Via Verde has simplified car traffic and also allows us to park in numerous public car parks without having to think about how to pay.
Regarding mobility, it is now undeniable that the Portuguese are once again at the forefront of what everything indicates will be the most profound change our generation will witness in terms of the car market: the transition to 100% electric mobility.
In a recently published study, 44% of the Portuguese stated their intention to purchase a 100% electric car, Portugal being the European country with the highest percentage. This is an unmistakable sign that, in Portugal, the change of mentality is a reality.
In terms of premium mobility, this transition may be even faster. Compared to 2021, the sale of electric Audi models has increased by 49% in 2022. Today, the proportion of Audi customers looking for exclusively electric models already represents more than 30% of the brand’s sales in Portugal.
And what do customers look for? They are looking for electromobility, digitalisation, technological innovation, design, performance and sustainability, attributes in which Audi has been investing in order to solidify its position in the premium segment. And Audi, as it has always done, listened to its customers (in Latin «audi» means «to listen») and, in order to meet this demand, took the decision to have an entirely 100% electric range in Portugal by 2030.
Our vision for Audi is clear and the results achieved are a constant motivation. Knowing the path that Audi AG is preparing for the future and seeing the magnificent products that will soon be placed in the market, with the Q8 e-tron and the future A6 Avant e-tron as good examples, it wouldn’t make sense to think otherwise. Electrification is, therefore, Audi’s commitment to its customers, Audi's commitment to Portugal and Audi’s commitment to the planet, because, for us, the Future is an Attitude!
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