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Paulo Abrantes

Founder of the Decisões e Soluções Group

Paulo Abrantes was born in the district of Guarda. As he wanted financial independence, he started working at an early age. It has always fascinated him to launch new projects and lead teams, and so his working career spans 32 years in the areas of management, motivation and galvanising people. He founded Decisões e Soluções almost 15 years ago, a group that currently has 190 agencies, with the figure expected to reach 290 by the end of 2018. Work, dedication, determination and social responsibility are the ‘secrets’ behind the success of the group and its founder.
Paulo Abrantes
After almost 15 years, and with you as managing director, Decisões e Soluções is a leader in the areas of real estate and financial consulting. What is success down to?
Decisões e Soluções was founded in October 2003 with two major goals, which it still has today: providing an impartial and independent advisory service; and providing work and opportunities for personal and professional fulfilment to many employees in the company. The secret behind all the success achieved over the last 14 years can be found in the work, dedication and determination of a great team distributed throughout the country, which has managed to transform a dream into a large national project.

What assessment do you make of the areas of activity of the company, and in particular real estate brokerage?
My assessment is very positive! This year we are growing in all areas and 2018 is proving to be the best year ever for Grupo Decisões e Soluções, with 60% growth in turnover compared to the same period last year. The real estate area has a share of around 65% in turnover and we are growing every month.
What is your view of the recovery of the real estate sector in Portugal? Is it a trend that will continue?
The real estate market in Portugal is experiencing a particularly positive moment and we need to be able to take advantage of this in a sustainable way, with our sights always set on the future, while keeping in mind previous experiences. In real estate sales, the greatest problem is starting to be a shortage of properties in some regions, in view of demand that sees a safe investment opportunity in our country, especially for foreign investors.
«2018 is proving to be the best year ever for Grupo Decisões e Soluções»
With more than a hundred agencies, is there still room for DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES to grow?
The group aims to have 500 agencies and 8000 employees in our country, distributed across its various brands, and we are working towards achieving this goal in the coming years. In the first seven months of this year alone, we have already opened 46 agencies, we have 40 more in the process of opening and we want to finish 2018 with 100 new agencies opened in our country, distributed across the Decisões and Soluções, DS Seguros and DS Crédito networks.
How is social responsibility part of the company’s strategy?
The area of social responsibility has been part of the company’s blueprint since its inception and is something that we don’t plan to go without. We are sensitive to the causes that surround us and we make a point of playing an active role in defending those who most need it, in the interests of a more inclusive, supportive and just society.
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