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Amendoeira’s World Kids Golf

Five of the 11 victories are Portuguese

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In spite of the fact that five of the 11 titles dispute have been won by Portuguese players, the champion of the oldest Portuguese international youth tournament was the Norwegian Peter Hov. The 11th edition of the World Kids Golf took place at the Amendoeira Golf Resort in Silves, Algarve, on 27th July, and included the participation of 80 players from 14 countries. Francisco Reis (under-9), João Crasi Alves (under-12), Inês Belchior (under-12), Tomas Mician (under-16) and Filipa Capelo (under-18) were the Portuguese winners. We highlight Filipa Capelo, who bids farewell this year to the tournament of the ‘smaller’, although huge, in talent. Champion of the World Kids Golf in 2018 in the under-16 level, Filipa Capelo triumphed now in the under-18, her third victory of the year. It was, however, a particularly tasty victory because three weeks ago she returned from a break of four months due to injuries. The Quinta do Lago player should not be coming to defend the title at the Amendoeira Golf Resort next year. «I’ve been coming to this tournament since the under-12, had 36 of handicap, now I have 4 and I will improve it, but it may have been the last time. Next year I'm going to play and study in the United States», said the young golfer. 
The foreigners were the English champions Ffion Richardson (under-9) and Eleanor Lichtenhein (under-10), the English Aaron Moody (under-10), the Spanish Alexander Amey (under-14), the German Emilie von Finckentsein (under-16) and the Norwegian Peter Hov (under-18).

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