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Homemade gold-plated golf clubs

Honma Golf

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Premium Beres S-06 is a new model of golf clubs, handcrafted by Honma Golf and available from a two star to a five star model, whose cost can go up to 5,499 EUR. Manufactured by a small group of master craftsmen, based in Sakata, Japan, the five-star range products are gold-plated. More than 70 thousand euros is what may cost the usual golf bag with the usual 12 to 14 clubs. Today, Honma Golf is present in some of the finest golf clubs in the world. On spite of the fact that it was founded on 18th February 1959, it is characterised by an extremely high quality of its products. All of them handcrafted and produced in Japan with the goal of providing the best product adapted to each player, whether being an amateur or a professional. Honma has at its disposal the best artisans and a variety of materials which, allied to recent technological tools (trackman) allow, while playing, the feeling that those irons were in fact created for each one of us.

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