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Companies to replace workers with ChatGPT system

Multifunctional artificial intelligence tool

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The ChatGPT intelligent system, a multi-function tool that you simply ask a question and it will give you an answer, is taking over the tech world. From composing songs to solving a mathematical problem or writing an academic essay, ChatGPT can do it. Incredibly, companies have chosen to invest in this artificial intelligence tool, at the expense of human labour.
A recent survey by analysed the cases of more than 1000 business leaders regarding the use of the intelligent tool. Almost half of the companies in the study admitted that they have already implemented ChatGPT for various purposes, such as scheduling, content creation, customer service, meeting minutes and documents, interview requests, job descriptions and much more. The results also revealed that 55% consider the application to be excellent and 48% reveal that they have saved more than €46,000 since implementing artificial intelligence.
Even though it is an asset to the market, the tool has been subject to criticism. According to Muhammad Abdul-Magged, researcher in Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT’s weak point is that it contains outdated data and is unable, for example, to identify who won the Qatar World Cup. Experts also state that the application may pose ethical questions, namely in the academic environment and in the media.
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