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The new luxury is also sustainable

João Trincheiras

Corporate Communications Manager of BMW Portugal

João Trincheiras
For a long time, a luxury car stood out for providing a unique experience of comfort, with state-of-the-art equipment, combined with high performance on the road. These characteristics were also often associated with vehicles with very powerful engine, which were, as a consequence, more polluting. For many, performance and pleasure of driving were incompatible with more environmentally friendly solutions. 
Today, the idea of luxury has not been lost, but rather transformed. And for the better. For the car industry, the concepts of luxury and sustainability have never been so compatible, which does not mean that customers are less demanding. On the contrary, the present and future customer will not go without comfort, performance, design or safety. They will continue to want all of this, and also the guarantee of being able to enjoy a unique experience, without the impact on the environment of yesteryear. All this is a sign of progress, but also of challenge. We, in the BMW Group, never shy away from a good challenge and that’s why we’ve been committed to the circular economy, reducing the impact on the planet, not just at the moment the vehicle is on the road, but across the entire life cycle, from when it is produced to when it is recycled. 
By 2030, we will take the combination of luxury and sustainability to a new level, with the ambition of reducing CO2emissions by more than 200 million tonnes. 
We know that we are going through challenging times, with volatility in the prices of goods and raw materials, but, at BMW Group, we believe that the strategy we have been following, attentive to the present but very focused on the future, will be a guarantee of success. 
Our purpose has not changed, rather grown. The future of new luxury is already here, ready to hit the road with zero emissions. 
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